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LeverageWorks Inc. Terms and Conditions

  1. This Independent Distributorship Form shall constitute a binding agreement between LeverageWorks Inc. (LeverageWorks Inc.) and the Independent Distributor, and shall be activated immediately upon LeverageWorks Inc.'s receipt in full of the payment for the business kit, which is non-refundable.

  2. An Independent Distributor is an autonomous unit, and therefore, has no employer-employee, principal-dependent, partnership or joint venture affiliation with LeverageWorks Inc..

  3. An Independent Distributor may buy the product/s of LeverageWorks Inc. at wholesale, discounted and/or retail price, conditional on the sales policies being utilized by LeverageWorks Inc. for that particular time/period. An Independent Distributor is required to adhere to the standard retail pricing policy being utilized by LWI for that particular time/period. An Independent Distributor may vend the products of LWI to any customer, except to retail shops. LeverageWorks Inc. is not liable for any non-delivery of product/s by the Independent Distributor to his/her customer/s.

  4. An Independent Distributor is responsible for the growth of his/her own business through diligent sales and marketing strategies of the product/s of LeverageWorks Inc., as well as attending leadership and life coaching programs.

  5. It is requisite of an Independent Distributor to submit all the necessary documents of his/her sponsored new Independent Distributors, i.e. Independent Distributorship Form, etc. Check payments should be made payable to "LeverageWorks Inc." An Independent Distributor is not permitted to accept cash payments. All forms of payment should only be made directly to the authorized cashier at the office of LeverageWorks Inc.. LeverageWorks Inc. is not accountable for any monetary loss during the course of payments/remittances.

  6. An Independent Distributor has to maintain a minimum Sales Volume for a stated time period. Pursuant to the Consumer Act of the Philippines, an Independent Distributor is entitled to the corresponding Sales Commissions/Incentives as declared in LeverageWorks Inc.'s marketing plan for that particular time/period. LeverageWorks Inc. reserves the right to withhold the corresponding taxes from the Independent Distributor's commissions and other monetary incentives, as required by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

  7. Any check/s made out to the Independent Distributor must be claimed and deposited within six (6) months from date of issuance, in accordance to Philippine banking practices. Failure to comply means the Independent Distributor has to pay the corresponding fee/s for check reissuances. Any check/s of any amount which is/are not claimed within one (1) year of issuance shall be forfeited.

  8. LeverageWorks Inc. reserves the right to change, modify or amend its sales, compensation and remuneration policies at any time and in any way which may augment, reduce or nullify the Independent Distributor's benefits. These adjustments are deemed effective and binding to the Independent Distributor with thirty (30) days prior notice.

  9. An Independent Distributor cannot be directly or indirectly allied with any other company or product/s that competes with and/or uses an analogous marketing plan as LeverageWorks Inc.. Likewise, an Independent Distributor cannot make any misrepresentations about LeverageWorks Inc., its marketing plan and product/s. Any breach of these conditions, as well as any gross violation of other LeverageWorks Inc. guidelines, merits automatic termination of the Independent Distributor's account with LeverageWorks Inc., as well as immediate cancellation of any and all pending/future monetary benefits and other rewards.

  10. An Independent Distributor confirms that all the information he/she has given are correct and valid. Upon activation of membership, an Independent Distributor hereby agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, Guidelines and Code of Ethics as stated in LeverageWorks Inc.'s Distributors' Manual.